Why is it so Important That the Doctor Likes Women?

So, this is an old post that I translated into english. You can find the original, in swedish, here.
I don't know about you, but I watch Doctor Who and I LOVE it!
But, when I saw the 6th season there was something pretty disturbing that I've recognized in this season.
The Doctor likes females. The Doctor likes River. Melody asks about this River and says something like "It's a woman, right? Because the way you're speaking about her.". When the Doctor meets the incarnation of TARDIS the Doctor's very clear about the fact that TARDIS's female. And also the Doctor's very clear about that the TARDIS is sexy.
This is also the first season when I hear the word "gay". It's a man who's married to another man, they call themselves "the gay couple". We have seen gay couples earlier in Doctor Who, but nobody have ever told us they're gay. It has been as natural as any other heterosexual couple in the show. But now it seemed "very important" that these two men are gay.
I don't really understand this.
One thing I wonder now is, what if the Doctor's next incarnation will be female (I mean the 13th). Will they keep on liking women? Because I've seen that the Doctor likes women a lot, not only in this season (even if they point it out much more now) but also earlier, for exemple we have Rose.
Why exactly (disregarding the fact that they have to choose a good actor) are the Doctor's all incarnations men? What determine that the Doctor will continue as a man after every regeneration? I mean, their whole DNA's replaced.
What have prevented them for choosing an actor like for exemple Tilda Swinton for the twelfth regeneration? Just sayin'.


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