Analysis of Yuri on Ice – Is Victuri Canon? – Part 2

SW: Yuri on Ice
If you haven't watched Yuri on Ice yet you should really do it before reading this post. Stop read now. There will be lots of spoilers below.
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In the first part of this analysis we went through episode 1-10. In this part we'll go through episode 11-12 and then there'll be a bonus part, and after all this there'll be a TL;DR. Let's begin!
Episode 11 starts with the competition commentators presenting all the skaters. When they present Yuri they show a picture of when Victor "attack" kisses Yuri.
Then we get to see Victor kissing Yuri's ring and his own ring, and Yuri kisses his own ring, just before Yuri starts his program.
Commentator: "His coach is empowering their matching rings
in a prayer for victory."
(Hehe, 'Victuri' ;) )
"Their matching rings", oh come on, more like "Their engagement rings". By the way, why they never literally say it's an engagement (except for when Victor says it at the restaurant) is probably because the same thing as with not showing the kiss: The creators didn't know if Japan was ready for a non-yaoi romantic relationship between two men, since Japan is kind of homophobic.
Victor and Yuri kiss their rings
During Yuri's skate we get to see a flashback with Victor hugging Yuri in a way that I think looks very much as a way you hug someone you love romantically. The hug is because Yuri wanted to change his program for higher marks, and Victor gets pleased by hearing that since it means that Yuri doesn't doubt his decisions anymore. Then Victor feels like his heart is about to explode because of how Yuri has stopped to doubt his decisions.
Victor feels like his heart is going to explode
because of how happy he is with how Yuri has grown since they first met
After Yuri's skate Victor thinks of how he feels new emotions flowing into him through Yuri, he feels this also because of how much Yuri has grown mentally since they met, and probably also because he now understands why Yuri turned him down in the beginning, which was because Yuri didn't remember the banquet.
Victor: "Now I can feel new emotion flowing into me though Yuri."
Then Yuri seems to be jealous about Victor looking at the other skaters as if he thinks they're better than Yuri and that he thinks Victor wants to return to his own skating career, though Yuri is wrong about both thoughts.
In the "next episode" part, stupid Yuri tells Victor to end "this", which we'll see more of in the next episode. Gosh Yuri, what the hell are you doing? *Facepalm*
We also get to hear Yuri saying that he'll show everybody how much he and Victor love each other.
Victor: "By the way, Yuri... What did you want to talk to me about?"
Yuri: "After the Final, let's end this."
Yuri: "I'll be sure to skate my and Victor's love, laid bare to the world!"
Yuri, can't you decide what you want or what? Okay, let's look into the 12th episode to really see what this is all about. Victor loves Yuri, and Yuri seems to love Victor but he gets second thoughts. Why does he get second thoughts?
Yuri: "After the Final, let's end this."
Victor: "Huh?"
*Victor looks terrified*
Yuri: "You've done more than enough for me, Victor.
Thanks to you, I was able to give everything I had to my last season.
Thank you for everything, Victor. Thank you for being my coach."
 Victor cries.
Victor: "I didn't expect Katsuki Yuri to be such a selfish human being."
Yuri: "I made this selfish decision on my own. I'm retiring."
Victor: "Yuri, what are you doing?"
Yuri: "Oh, I'm just surprised to see you cry."
Victor: "I'm mad, okay?"
Yuri: "You're the one who said it was only until the Grand Prix Final!"
Victor: "I thought you needed my help more."
Yuri: "Aren't you going to make a comeback?
You don't have to worry about me..."
Victor: "How can you tell me to return to the ice
while saying you're retiring?!"
They decide to each make their own decisions after the free skate.
At the competition Victor is sad, and Yuri is also sad but doesn't show it as much, but the reporter even comment on this by saying "Hmm... It's seems neither Yuri Katsuki nor Victor have the energy we've come to expect."
Victor is sad and the reporter notice it
Notice that Yuri ties his own skates this time, as a way of the anime creators to show that Victor isn't helping him with it this time, because Victor is sad about Yuri's decision. Victor doesn't know if Yuri cares for him as much as he thought, therefore he doesn't want to show his affection towards Yuri.
Yuri ties his skates by his own
Then we get some flashbacks from when they hugged at the airport and Victor said "I wish you'd never retire.", and we can tell how tense the atmosphere is between Victor and Yuri.
Victor and Yuri don't really know how to act around each other
Just before Yuri goes onto the ice he tells Victor to be who he is, not to start acting like a coach just before Yuri's last skate. He wants Victor to smile, to enjoy his skate, he wants Victor to just feel it without thinking of what he could've made better.
Yuri: "Victor, I told you before that I wanted you to stay who you were, right?
Don't suddenly start trying to sound like a coach now.
I want a smile for my last time on the ice."
Victor answers by telling Yuri that the whole reason he took a break from skating was to coach Yuri. As we know, he wanted to coach Yuri because he fell in love with Yuri, and Yuri pleaded for Victor to coach him, at the banquet. The only reason it took about a year until Victor started to coach Yuri was because Yuri didn't want a commemorative photo with him, and Victor thought Yuri had changed his mind. Victor didn't take a break from skating until Yuri skating Victor's program went viral.
Yuri's eyes widen and gleam when he realises what Victor just has told him. He realises that Victor really likes him, and that Victor wants to be by his side and that's why Victor became his coach. I think this is the moment when Yuri, kind of, changes his mind, I'll come back to this later.
And I can't emphasise this enough: Victor took a break from skating only to have the chance to be with Yuri and to get to know Yuri, because he became attracted to Yuri at the banquet.
Victor also tells Yuri that he really wants to kiss the gold medal, he wants Yuri to get the gold medal, because he wants Yuri to feel like the time with him was really worth it even if Yuri retires.
The next moment it looks like Victor and Yuri are about to kiss, and here I think Yuri realises even further how much Victor likes him and what could've led to a kiss instead turns into a small laughter and happy crying.
Victor: "Yuri, listen to me. I debated whether I should tell you this now, but...
I took a break after becoming the five-time world champion, to coach you,
so how is it possible that you still haven't won a single gold medal?
How much longer are you going to stay in warm-up mode?
I really want to kiss the gold medal."
After this Yuri thinks "I've already made up my mind about my goal.", and what exactly does this mean?
I think Yuri tries to convince himself that even though he now wants to continue skating with Victor as his coach, he has already told Victor that he'll retire and it's a choice he feels like not really being able to change. On the inside, though, he really, really wants to continue. He wants to be with Victor.
"Why can't they just be with each other even though Victor stops being Yuri's coach?" you may ask. I think this is because if Yuri would retire he probably thinks Victor doesn't want him in his life. Remember how low self-esteem Yuri has. Also, Victor probably understands this by Yuri's way of telling him that he wants to "end this". Probably Victor thinks that Yuri only accepted Victor to come closer and to kiss him (in episode 7) to take advantage of the fact that Victor likes him, to make Victor to stay until the skating season's end.
Victor and Yuri clasp hands just before Yuri starts his program. Look at how the rings shine, the creators really wants to empathise how important the rings are. When Yuri lets go of Victor's hand Victor seems like he doesn't want to let go of Yuri's hand. This is to show how much Victor likes Yuri. Victor doesn't want to let go of Yuri, ever.
Yuri (thinking): "I've already made up my mind about my goal."
Victor and Yuri clasps hands, and Victor doesn't want to let go of Yuri's hand
Yuri starts his program, his last competition with his Yuri on Ice program, which he and Victor choreographed together.
Yuri thinks to himself as being a dime-a-dozen, so, well, his self-esteem hasn't really become better... No wonder he thinks Victor wants to quit coaching him, despite everything Victor has told him. Still Yuri thinks of how grateful he is of everything Victor has done for him, and he thinks of how he wants Victor to be his coach forever. He wonders if Victor understands that he wants Victor to stay as his coach forever, but he can't let that happen since it would kill Victor's career as a competitive skater. Therefore Yuri wants his final skate to be perfect, and to be as difficult as Victor's free skate program "Stay Close to Me", to show Victor that it wasn't a waste of time being his coach, (as if Victor would find it a waste of time... Well, we have this thing with Yuri's self-esteem, again.) and he wants to show that even though Victor is not his coach anymore he will still have a piece of Victor inside of him.
Victor realises that Yuri has changed his program to prove that he will end at the top. When Yuri nails Victor's signature move, the move Yuri added in the end of his program to show his love to Victor, Victor starts crying. He cries because of how he feels that Yuri has shown him his love to him. Yuri ends the skate by reaching out his hand towards Victor, to show Victor that "This was for you."
Yuri: "I'd like the final free skate of my career
to have the same difficulty as Victor's.
Do you realise it now, Victor? I don't want it to end here, Victor.
I want to be figure skating with you forever.
But you staying as my coach means to slowly kill you as a competitive skater.
Look at the Victor who lives on inside of me.
You becoming my coach wasn't a waste of time"
Then Yuri starts to cry because he's so happy about that he could show the world how good this program could be, the program he and Victor made together, the program about love, the program that shows his love to Victor by ending with Victor's signature move.
Victor holds out his arms to show Yuri how happy he is, but Yuri doesn't want to go hug Victor, he doesn't want to leave the ice, because that would mean it's all over. Yuri thinks that when he leaves the ice he has to end his skating career and to let Victor go back to skating not being able to still be his coach anymore.
Yuri: "I don't want to go to the Kiss and Cry.
Because going back there means it's over."
By the way, if you haven't grasped it yet, the Kiss and Cry is a place, it's the place where the skater sits with their coach(es) and get their points.
In the Kiss and Cry Victor tells Yuri that his performance was so perfect that he shouldn't worry. I don't think that's what Yuri worries about; I think Yuri worries about what to do. He "knows" it's for the best to retire and to let Victor get back to his skating career, but he doesn't want that. He wants to stay with Victor. He wants Victor to continue being his coach.
The result is presented, and Yuri has beat Victor's record for a free skate program. Yuri gets chocked, because his self-esteem has over and over told him that he would never be able to surpass Victor. But he did. He realises that he's not that bad of a skater after all.
Victor reaches out a hand, and when Yuri takes it Victor brings Yuri in for a hug. Victor whispers in Yuri's ear that it's bliss to have Yuri beating his world record, but it's also an ultimate diss as a competitor. Yuri realises that this means Victor has chosen to come back to competitive skating, but even though Yuri really wants Victor to be his coach he gets happy for Victor's decision.
Yuri gets chocked about the result, because he broke Victor's record
Victor hugs and whispers to Yuri
Yuri: "Does that mean you'll come back?"
After this Chris skates, and I find it quite funny that he looks so jealous when Victor wants the reporters to take a picture of him and Yuri with his phone.
Victor proceeds to talk to Yakov and Yuri Plisetsky about how he's returning to skating and that Katsuki Yuri probably will retire. Then he hugs Yuri Plisetsky, and both looks kind of sad, I even think that Victor cries when hiding his face on Yuri Plisetsky's shoulder. I think both of them have had a really fun and interesting year with Katsuki Yuri in their life, they don't want it to end. I also think that this is a way of Victor trying to tell Yuri Plisetsky that he doesn't want Katsuki Yuri to retire and he wishes that Yuri Plisetsky can change Katsuki Yuri's mind in some way.
When Yuri has gotten his silver medal and goes to Victor he hope Victor will kiss his silver medal. Victor doesn't want to kiss Yuri's silver medal, he wants to kiss a gold medal, he wants Yuri to get a gold medal, and he hints that he wants Yuri to continue skating. Victor even says that he's a failure as a coach because he couldn't help Yuri the whole way to a gold medal. Victor walks close to Yuri, who can't get away because of the rink wall being in the way. Victor asks Yuri if he has any suggestions of what could excite him. I think a lot of people interpret this as Victor only asking for a kiss, but I think it's Victor's way of asking Yuri if he's going to stay in competitive skating or not. Maybe he wants a kiss too though, but I'm not sure, this scene is kind of vague on that point.
Either way, Yuri looks like he's unsure about something. I think he's unsure if he wants to stay in competitive skating or not. He has to react on impulse, since Victor seems to want the answer right there and then.
Victor (literally) presses Yuri to the wall
to get to know if Yuri has decided if he'll stay in competitive skating or not
Victor: "I'm such a failure as a coach. Yuri, do you have any suggestions?
Something that would excite me? What did you think just now?"
Victor probably thinks that Yuri will say no, that Yuri won't stay in competitive skating for one more year, he just wishes really hard that Yuri will say he stays.
Yuri tackles Victor down to the floor, for an attack hug, and tells Victor that he wants him to stay as his coach for one more year. Victor gets very happy to hear this, but he says he wants Yuri to become at least a five-time world champion, which is a way of him meaning that he wants to stay with Yuri for many years. Then Victor puts Yuri's silver medal around Yuri's neck and Yuri cries of happiness.
Yuri wants Victor to stay as his coach for one more year,
but Victor tells Yuri that he wants to stay as Yuri's coach
for at least five year but hopefully longer.
Yuri cries of happiness.
The last scene, before the epilogue, is a scene which I think a lot of people don't notice. Let us notice it together.
The skating rink from above, what's here to see really?
Let's take a closer look...
Same scene but closed up to the cutest thing
Okay, let's just think of this for a bit... No, there's nothing to think about really. Yuri got off the ice just after getting his medal together with Yuri Plisetsky and JJ on the podium. Victor confronts Yuri, whom tells Victor that he'll stay in figure skating. There were a lot of people watching the figure skating Grand Prix. And now the only people left are cleaners, and Victor and Yuri hugging. Think of how long they must've been sitting there with Yuri straddling Victor. This is so cute I can't handle it. They really love each other, that's for sure. And if you're one of those who're still not convinced that Victor and Yuri love each other we still have the epilogue and a bonus to go through.
The epilogue is an exhibition skate with Yuri skating to Victor's "Stay Close by Me", and then Victor joins the skate to make it a pair skate. I've got a lot of screen shots of this, let's look at a few of them.
When Victor joins, Yuri caresses Victor's cheek
and Victor holds Yuri's waist and arm.
Then we have this moment were I think they brush lips, because it's something with the frame play here that makes it really looking like they touch their lips. I've gone back and through so many times to see if this is a peck or not, and I actually think it is supposed to be a kiss Easter egg from the creators.
Yuri and Victor brush their lips
While they skate Yuri caresses Victor's cheek, again, and this time it really looks like he does it to show how much he cares for Victor and how much he loves Victor. Maybe he realised, at last (Gosh Yuri, you really have to work on your self-esteem), how much Victor likes him, when they stayed at the rink, hugging, when almost everybody else were gone.
Yuri caresses Victor's cheek and gives him an endearing gaze
Another Easter egg is probably all the rainbows in the series. I don't say this is some kind of proof of homosexuality or something like that, I just thought it was cute with all the rainbows and it reminds me of the colours in the end of The Legend of Korra. This was just a side note.
There are a lot of rainbows in this show, this is probably the biggest one
Bi the way, do I have to tell you that they still wear their "lucky charms"?
They still wear their golden rings
Then we have one more "brushing lips" scene. This scene also has something going on with the frame rate, so I'll go with the conclusion that this is also a lip touch, because why not.
Another lip peck
The whole series ends with Yuri coming to Russia, and you know what? He still wears his "good luck charm". It's a while after the competition and he's moving to Russia and he still wears the ring he bought as a "lucky charm" for the skating final.
By the way, I forgot to write it earlier. When Yuri buys the rings he thinks to himself how he always wanted an omamori. An omamori is a kind of a lucky charm you get at shrines (a type of religious building) and are small pouches with pieces of papers or suchlike in them. On the papers a shrine priest writes prayers and then makes the omamori sacred by a ritual. So, well, basically the rings aren't omamori at all, so I think Yuri just said that he wanted an omamori and meant that he wanted an omamori as in a real omamori, but since he couldn't get one he needed something else. I think he doesn't think of the rings as lucky charms, but rather the engagement or that when they change rings he asks Victor of saying something for good luck, those are his lucky charms. Victor is his lucky charm. Otherwise he could've bought something else, or put it on another finger, but he wants to show Victor that he wants to be connected to him.
Yuri still wears his ring
When Yuri and Victor spot each other they look so happy. Like something really precious have been given back to them.
Yuri tells us that they call everything on the ice "love", maybe because both of them started to understand love with the skating. Victor wasn't really happy until he met Yuri, and Yuri wasn't really happy until he met Victor. They love each other because they have helped each other so much, and without the skating they would never have met. Now everything they do on the ice reminds them of each other, which they call "love".
Then Victor calls "Yuri" in the most endearing voice ever, and if you hadn't started to cry already you're probably doing it now.
 Yuri and Victor spot each other
I can't be the only one being like this now:
Minako and Mari cries of happiness
"Are you finished yet?"
Nope, here comes a bonus!
Did you know that the creators of Yuri on Ice took inspiration from real life people? Who are these people? Let me go through some of them.
First, Victor. Victor Nikiforov was inspired by two persons, one is the ice skater Evgeni Plushenko and the other is the actor John Cameron Mitchell.
Evgeni Plushenko
Evgeni Plushenko is Russian and he was one of the biggest figure skaters in the world, until he retired in March 2017. He's 34 years old, which is very old for a figure skater, and now as he has retired he has become a coach. He has won gold four times at Grand Prix, and about 15 golds in other competitions such as for example the Olympics. He has set 13 world records. Fun fact: He was the ice skater on scene at Dima's winning performance in Eurovision Song Contest 2008.
John Cameron Mitchell
John Cameron Mitchell is a writer, actor and director. Mitsurou Kubo, the writer of Yuri on Ice, tweeted in October 2016 that she got inspiration to Victor when she saw John Cameron Mitchell in his play Hedwig. A lot of John's works are about gender and sexuality. John is androphilic, i.e. he likes men. He has worked a lot together with a man who often wear blue-rimmed glasses, Stephen Trask. It has been rumoured if they are or have been a couple, but nothing is said by them officially, though they have kissed each other, on the mouth, several times, in public. Both John and Stephen are Americans.
By the way, I really love how Victor even was given John's heart shaped smile.
Stephen Trask
Well, Stephen is not too far from looking like Yuri, though Yuri is said to being inspired by another person, Hanyu Yuzuru.
Hanyu Yuzuru
Hanyu Yuzuru is one of the world's best figure skaters right now; Yuzuru is Japanese and has won four Grand Prix Final golds. He is 173 cm, which Yuri is too. He was a big fan of Evgeni Plushenko and now they see each other as friends. Evgeni has showed interest in coaching Yuzuru one day.
These are the two main characters; there are a lot more characters who are inspired by real life people. Why I wrote only about the inspirations for Yuri and Victor is partly because they are the main characters, and partly because Victor is inspired by John Cameron Mitchell, who's a homosexual man, and Yuri may or may not be inspired by John's rumoured partner Stephen Trask, who looks a little like Yuri, especially since they both have blue glass rims.
I'm not going to talk about any more people who inspired Kubo, but I can just mention that Yuri Plisetsky is heavily inspired by Yulia Lipnitskaya. Just search for "Yulia Lipnitskaya Yuri Plisetsky" and you'll see.
Another inspiration source Kubo and her team used was the American ice skater Johnny Weir. Johnny wasn't inspiration for any character, but a lot of his former skating costumes have inspired skating costumes in Yuri on Ice. A fun fact is that Hanyu Yuzuru has gotten help with costume design several times by Johnny.
The scene where the two Yuri look through Victor's old ice skating costumes Yuri Plisetsky says "There are lots of stupid-looking ones." I find this funny since Johnny Weir, who is the inspirational source for a lot of the costumes, are often commented on as having weird skating costumes.
Yuri Plisetsky finds Victor's former costumes stupid-looking
Here are two examples of the Yuri on Ice costumes that were inspired by Johnny Weir. For the second one I couldn't find a photo without copyright, so instead to get to see it in action with a video of Johnny's skating wearing it.
Victor in a skating costume inspired by one of Johnny Weir's costumes
Johnny Weir in a costume
which gave inspiration to
one of Victor's costumes
Yuri in his Eros costume, inspired by Johnny Weir's Carmen costume
Johnny Weir skating with a costume which inspired Yuri's Eros costume
Oh, by the way, did I say that Johnny Weir is also androphilic? Oh, and he has been married to a Russian man called Victor Voronov. On top of this, Johnny speaks Russian and some Japanese.
So, both John Cameron Mitchell (inspiration for Victor) and Johnny Weir (inspiration for a lot of the skating costumes) like men, and Stephen Trask (possible inspiration for Yuri) is rumoured to like men. Is it only me who feels like Kubo may have used androphilic men, for inspirations, on purpose?
So, there you have it all. I hope you liked this analysis!

Yuri on Ice will be shortened to YOI.
Sorry that the TL;DR is so long, I tried my best to make it as short as possible, but my analysis is so damn long and therefore it was really hard making it short. :/ But the TL;DR just 781 words, and the whole analysis is 15 893 words, so the TL;DR is only 5% of the complete analysis. I believe in you getting through the TL;DR! ^^
Not in any particular episode:
– YOI is one of the first non-yaoi anime having a same-sex relationship between two men.
Lyrics contain "you set my heart on fire" which is from Victor's perspective.
– In the intro Victor and Yuri glance at each other and blow kisses at each other.
Lyrics contain "You're so beautiful. Tonight I was entranced by you." which is Victor's perspective of the banquet.
Victor combs Yuri's hair.
Yuri and Victor wash each other's hair.
Episode 1:
Victor wants to take a photo with Yuri, because of the banquet.
Episode 2:
Victor flirts with Yuri.
Victor asks Yuri about his love-life.
Episode 3:
– Yuri thinks of Victor as hot.
Victor tries to seduce Yuri and he asks Yuri to try to find his eros side.
Yuri hugs Victor.
Victor says that he loves katsudon and is here referring to Yuri as the katsudon.
Yuri realizes that he skates for Victor and tries to seduce Victor.
Victor whistles because he thinks Yuri is sexy.
Victor hugs Yuri.
Victor puts an arm around Yuri.
In the "next episode" part Yuri says "Who'd even be happy to see me naked on ice?" and Victor answers "At the very least, I would be."
Episode 4:
Victor touches Yuri's naked body in the onsen. Not in a sexual way though.
– Victor asks Yuri if he wants to see Victor as his lover.
Victor says he's going to show his love to Yuri.
Yuri's skating theme is "love".
Episode 5:
Victor hugs Yuri and asks Yuri to seduce him.
Victor says Yuri is beautiful.
Victor puts lip balm on Yuri's lips.
Victor and Yuri hug.
Yuri's free skate program is about Victor.
Victor hugs Yuri.
Yuri says that Victor is the first person he has ever wanted to hold on to and he calls the feeling "love".
Episode 6:
Victor clings to Yuri throughout the episode.
Yuri thinks of making Victor his own.
Victor asks Yuri to seduce him.
Victor looks madly in love and flirts with Yuri.
Episode 7:
Victor looks madly in love and falls asleep on top of Yuri.
Victor asks if Yuri wants a kiss.
Yuri asks Victor to "Stay close of me", which is the name of Victor's free skate from previous year.
Yuri ends his skate about love with Victor's signature move.
– Victor kisses Yuri on the mouth.
– Victor and Yuri drown in each others' eyes and they look so in love.
Mitsuro Kubo, writer of YOI, confirms the kiss on Twitter.
Episode 8:
– Yuri seduces Victor.
– Victor kisses Yuri's skate.
Episode 9:
– Victor hugs Yuri.
– Yuri thinks of Victor during his whole skate.
– Yuri and Victor hug.
– Victor kisses Yuri's hand and says that he wishes he can be with Yuri forever.
Episode 10:
– Victor says that Yuri taught him about love.
– Victor jumps into Yuri's bed.
– Yuri winks to Victor (only on the DVD and BD).
– Victor and Yuri hold hands.
– Yuri buys gold wedding rings for 769.94 euro.
– Yuri and Victor put rings on each other's ring finger.
– Victor and Yuri walks with their arms around each other.
– Victor says the rings are engagement rings.
– Victor says that he and Yuri will marry when Yuri wins a gold medal.
– At the banquet Victor and Yuri couple danced and Victor got to see Yuri pole dance, and he falls in love with Yuri.
Episode 11:
– Victor kisses Yuri's ring, Victor kisses his own ring, and Yuri kisses his own ring.
– Flashback of Victor hugging Yuri.
Episode 12:
– Yuri makes Victor cry because Yuri wants to "end this".
– Yuri understands that Victor really likes him.
– Victor and Yuri almost kiss but it turns to laughs, happy crying and a hug.
– Yuri shows Victor his love for him, with his YOI skating program.
– Victor hugs Yuri.
– Yuri attack hugs and straddles Victor.
– Yuri and Victor stay sitting on the floor, with Yuri straddling Victor, even when the rink is empty except for the cleaners.
– Yuri and Victor couple dance on the ice.
– Yuri and Victor brush lips two times.
– Yuri and Victor still wear their rings.
– "We call everything on the ice 'love'."
– Victor is partly inspired by John Cameron Mitchell, who is a man who likes men.
– Yuri may, partly, be inspired by Stephen Trask, who is a man who is rumoured to like men and rumoured to be together with John Cameron Mitchell. Stephen Trask and John Cameron Mitchell have kissed each other on the mouths several times in public.
– A lot of the skating costumes are inspired by Johnny Weir's skating costumes, and he's also a man who likes men. He has been married to a Russian man named Victor Voronov.
That's all! I hope you liked it! :3

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