An Online Sims Game

Hello everybody. This post is a bit different from what I normally write about, it's about games instead of any subject you're maybe used to see here. Anyway, I'm writing this post in english because I hope, maybe a bit naive, that it will be read by someone who's a developer at EA and/or Maxis.
The thing is that I want an online sims game. Where I can meet actual people. Where I can meet my sims playing friends. Where I can control just one sim.
I've been looking for something like this ever since I first played the Sims. I was 9 years old (today I'm 23) when I first played the Sims. I thought it was a great idea when Maxis created the Sims Online in 2002. I never bought the Sims Online though, because my family didn't had internet connection that was good enough to play.
After a while the Sims Online was shut down. It was a big flop. And they continued to develope games for offline purpouse only. Until 2011, when they created the Sims Social. I started to play the Sims Social and liked it, but there was also a lot of things that I didn't like with the game.
First of all, it was not social at all. I couldn't even meet my friends in the Sims Social. I could meet their characters, but when I did they where controlled by computer, not by my friends.

Second, the sims looked so mainstream. There was only two body shapes: average male and average female. Even the very first the Sims game had more shapes than that. They had slim male, average male, strong male, fat male, slim female, average female and curvy female. I don't want to blame you about the very first the Sims game and the fact that strong/fat male and curvy female was counterparts (I mean, the females could not be strong nor fat). But I do want to blame you for the fact that there was only one male body and one female body in the Sims Social.

Another thing about the Sims Social is that it went soooo slowly. And it crashed all the time. So annoying. But I liked the concept, it was a good game after all.
Last year they shut down the Sims Social too. Now they had shut down their both the Sims games that where for online purpose only.
But in 2011 they did not only create the Sims Social as a online game, but also the Sims FreePlay, for iPod, iPhone and Android. I got it to my iPod and played it for a while. It was connected to the web, but I didn't really see the point of that. I could control up to 16 sims, but I couldn't meet other people. The game was totally unconnected between me and other players. So, it's not what I'm looking for.
So now I'm going to ask you for something, developers of the Sims, please make a the Sims game for online purpose only.

I've heard that you're developing the Sims 4 right now, and that this game can be played both online and offline. But who will have a connection that good that they will be able to play it online anyway? I don't know, but I'm not sure I would. I'm also sure that the majority of people I know won't have a connection good enough. It depends on how the information is sent from the Internet to your game, because in the Sims Social it went too slowly, and I hope that won't be the case with the Sims 4. Also I have no idea about if you're going to make it able to acctually meet other people when playing the Sims 4 online, or if the online mode is only for another purpose.
So why don't you make a game that people will be able to play online, not only that it's possible to play online? A game that won't be too heavy for any average internet connection to play? Think of the Sims, the Sims Online and the Sims 2. It don't have to be more advanced than that.


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